Where’s Emily Gone?

Where’s Emily Gone?

Emily [one of the founders of Baylily Bell Tents] is currently off on an adventure for a few days. She’s left the gorgeous British spring and as headed somewhere slightly more exotic.

Where's Emily Gone?

She’s flown to Namibia where she’ll be marshalling on the?Racing The Planet?race across the Namib desert, one of their 4 Deserts series along with the Atacama, Gobi and Antarctica.

Emily will be sleeping in the desert for the week in a bell tent helping the racers cover the 6 marathon distance across the desert as the racers carry their own kit by manning check points along the route or even sweeping along behind the last racer [this means she’ll be covering the same distances as them for that day, which is usually a marathon].

This isn’t Emily’s first adventure with Racing The Planet, it’s actually her fifth time. She’s raced twice and this now her third time as a volunteer marshal.

In 2012 Emily competed in the race in Jordon which finished at the stunning Petra and in 2014 Emily competed in the race on the island of Madagascar. This picture shows her in Madagascar holding up her well earnt finishers medal.

Where's Emily Gone?

She’s also been a volunteer marshal in Namibia before and in Chile in the amazing Atacama desert where Alan completed the race in 2011. It was at this race that Emily got to make some new friends from around the world who have all continued to compete in races and marshal together since then.



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