When Should You Be Booking Your Outdoor Wedding Supplier?

Planning an outdoor wedding has its very own difficulties and special considerations to take into account, not just the weather! Which is why we have taken the time to speak to our outdoor wedding supplier network to gauge from professionals in person, how long in advance should outside brides book their services. To make this information easy for you to work with, we have created a timeline (borrowed from our sister company) to guide you on your planning journey.

Please note all wedding suppliers are prone to cancellations, which means there is always a chance that they could take a last minute booking, should you have waited a little bit late in regards to requesting their services. It is also worth mentioning that every supplier has different availability due to a number deciding factors, including popularity and price. However as a ballpark estimate this is what many suppliers would like to secure your booking ahead of your wedding.

Whilst we are here… I will also burst that myth surrounding wedding suppliers. Many suppliers do not expect full payment up front and will be happy to take a deposit to secure their services. So lets get booking ladies and gents!!! Baylily Bell tents for example only take a deposit and the rest a month before your wedding.

Outside Bride Timeline

Generic Questions you should be asking your suppliers…

? Are you available on my wedding day?
? How long have you been in business?
? Can you share recent references and examples of your work?
? What?s your payment structure and cancellation policy?
? What?s included in your rates/packages? are there additional extras? is this the finalised cost?
? Do you have liability insurance?
? Who is the wedding day point person and what’s the best way to get in contact with them?
? Do you have all the equipment you need?
? When is final payment due?
? Do you have a backup plan, should something not go right on the day?
? When will you arrive/ breakdown/ start/ finish?

Questions will vary from business to business, but remember to find suppliers which match your style and can accommodate the vision you have planned for your wedding day.

If you would like to explore outdoor suppliers remember we have a Directory full of wonderful professionals to browse.


Thanks for reading

The Baylily bell tent team


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