The Planning Session For Brides is Here!


The Planning Session For Brides is Here!

By now you would have heard of our sister company via our social media chanels or the Baylily Bell Tents website, and if you don’t know then as a new bride you defiantly should! ?The Outside Bride has officially launched the eagerly anticipated Planning Sessions… ‘What are the planning sessions I hear you say?’

Well.. Emily & Alan have accumulated over 15 years experience within Outdoor weddings and events helping brides and grooms through the somewhat confusing world of wedding planning. For Couples looking for guidance the online planning sessions will give you all the tools your need to create the best day of your lives.

Find out more via the very short video below… Get to know Emily and Alan with free 30 minutes ?1:1 support via ?video call for the first 25 brides and grooms who sign up before the 15th of October.

?20 a month for 6 months… Winning!


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