How to Pitch a Bell Tent with Baylily

How to Pitch a Bell Tent..

How many men does it take to pitch a bell tent? Well the answer believe it or not is one!

Yes, you, me or even your next door neighbour can pitch a bell tent and to demonstrate we have a real time video to guide you through the process. It may look complicated to begin with but with a couple of attempts (if that) it will become a second nature. So if being in the great outdoors is your thing, but you think the fundamentals of setting up a bell tent is not then feel rest-assured you will become a pro in no time.

Our unique franchise opportunity is looking for individuals passionate about the possibilities of meeting new people, creating a work life balance, is hands on and excited to explore the events industry. Its not imperative to have come from an events background or have spent a decade in the industry gaining experience, because Baylily Bell Tents will be there to support you every step of the way.

Sometimes the idea of the unknown can be scary, but we believe in doing what makes you happy.

Start you journey here…


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