Must Read Survival Kit to your Wedding Day

Survival Kit – A Must Read for your Wedding Day Set Up.

It is the blog post you have all been waiting for!

The must read survival kit for when the big day arrives! So before you wake up full of excitement for the day ahead, remember to pack your surviaval bag the night before with these essential pieces. And they’ll certainly help during your set up as well.

Make sure you have some of those unexpected situations covered, so when they arise you can thank us later!

Survival kit x5

If you want to know why these essentials are a must have to your wedding day set up survival kit, then just take a little time to watch our video below, it has all your answers including wet weather planning.


We very much hope you find this post helpful…


The Baylily Bell Tent Team


[A guest post from The Outside Bride team…]




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