What is a Franchise?

What is a Franchise?

This may seem like an incredibly obvious question, which in turn warrants an obvious answer. However if the lines are looking a little blurry for you, then we thought by putting together a little video we could clear up any confusion you might harbour. Our Baylily Bell Tents franchise means so much more to us then simply a business opportunity. Since founding 6 years ago a lot of hard work, happiness and love has gone into reaching the success which Baylily Bell Tents is at now, and we want to share this way of life with passionate, ambitious people across the uk.

You can find out more information via our Franchise page, where you can download?our an information pack.


The Baylily Bell Tents team are also mighty pleased to present The Outside Bride as part of the ongoing growth of their love of outdoor weddings. The Outside Bride provides support, expertise, knowledge and inspiration for couples getting married in the great and beautiful outdoors..


P.S If you have any questions you would like speak directly to us about, then please email info@localhost

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