Foraging For Your Outdoor Wedding…

Foraging For Your Outdoor Wedding…

Guest post via The Outside Bride

Foraging: Theacquisitionof foodby hunting,fishing,or thegatheringof plantmatter.

Maybe its a natural thing to do, something which is hardwired into our DNA from the moment we learned to stand up on two legs, way back when humans were first evolving. Because something just feels so good about it, going against the grain and not taking the somewhat easier looking route, whatever that maybe in the 21st century… And foraging instead.?DIY after all has become a fundamental part of outdoor weddings and a way in which brides can express themselves in a very personal way. So naturally the best place to start is outdoors, but there are top tips for you to remember before you start…


The possibilities are limitless with foraging… But here are a few ideas which brides have shared with us in the past.

  • Creating Jam for wedding favours
  • Wild flowers for bouquets and or flower crowns
  • Preserved flowers for wedding invites
  • Sloe gin for wedding favours
  • Infusing spirits
  • Table decor and venue styling
  • Christmas wreaths
  • Wedding centrepieces
  • Groom corsages
  • Foliage table runners
  • Adding foraged berries & nuts to a wedding cake.
  • Edible flowers for cake decoration
  • Pimping champaign with Elderflower


‘if in doubt, leave it out’ I read somewhere this saying and it stuck with me, because it makes perfect sense. If you are not sure bout what to pick be that a plant, berry, nut, mushroom or flower don’t pick it!

First thing is first you have to know your seasons… as you will not find pine cones in the height of summer, at least not in the UK anyhow. If you have a good idea of what you are looking to forage, then keep an eye as to when it comes into seasons. Don’t worry if you are not an expert you can find this information easy enough on the internet or in books. Each season brings with it something special which you can add to your wedding, its just the case of looking hard enough and finding what works with your theme.

It may sound obvious but if you are foraging on private land which is not on your own premises, make sure you ask for permission first. It is also worth remembering that certain plants like Bluebells are protected so it is worth having a quick look at the Direct Gov websiteto make sure you are not picking something you shouldn’t.

When it comes to deciding how much to pick or gather… Leave enough for wild life to eat, specially coming up for winter! But also for other people who may use the park or woodland to enjoy. Sharing is caring!


When you have everything you set out to forage, make sure you have a plan of action to use it or you will end up with lots of mouldy blackberries. Sometimes keeping it simple can work best so whether that is a recipe or a flower bouquet, taking the time to have clear understanding of what you want to make is a great help. But don’t forget to be adventurious.. Because the odd element can really bring your piece alive, such as feathers, moss, branches in a flower bouquet for example.


All you need to get going is a handy pair of clippers, the rest is up to you and any helpers who choose to join you. But remember this is suppose to be fun so enjoy the process and try not to stress if not everything is perfect, because that is the beauty of natural. So why not give foraging a go and see where it takes you on your DIY journey.

Thanks for Reading

Hannah X


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