Scorched Fields and Fire Risks!

Please be careful about fire risks.

There is a lot to love about the summer, clear skies, cocktails, scenic views, blossoming flowers the list is endless, so its no surprise that it is the most popular time of year to book an outdoor weddings with prices usually at a premium. ?On a recent Baylily Bell Tent job we were invited to a beautiful secluded field to set up some sandstone bell tents, and looking around it became very apparent that even though it was stunning, the risk of fire on a dry summers day could be a real problem.

The UK is known for its unpredictable weather even in the summer, it comes as a welcomed shock that we have received such fantastic sunshine in recent months. Not that anyone is complaining, specially brides to be! However it is worth remembering if you are getting married outside in a location such as a field with a marquee, that all this sun can come at great cost if the correct measures are not taken prior to your wedding.

Fire risks are real as we have a very hot summer.

The consistent heat means that many fields have become scorched, specially those open to the elements. Meaning the likelihood of them catching fire is far higher than normal, and so precautions need to be taken when considering fire Pitts, smokers or candles close to the tent or long grass.

A Sperry Tent from Papakata as we explore Fire risks.

First and foremost we would recommend that for the safety of your guests anything flammable is at a safe distance from the tent, secondly have options! Give smokers an area away from the tent and buckets full of sand to put cigarettes out in. Thirdly, if you are using anything made of glass, ensure that they are not left unattended in direct sunlight, they may refract the sunlight. Lastly, although it is not a requirement we would definitely recommend a fire extinguisher, if not for piece of mind.


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