Baylily Bell Tents Latest Feature in the Daily Echo

Baylily Bell Tents Latest Feature in the Daily Echo

Wow… The last couple of months press cannot get enough of Baylily Bell Tents and the unique, much sought after franchise opportunity currently available by Baylily and being offered all over the UK. This week Emily & Alan were featured in the The Daily Echo newspaper including their beautiful children, as a family who have chosen to make a fundamental lifestyle change to embrace the great outdoors through their business which they launched 6 years ago. The full article can be read online via the Daily Echo website, with and in-depth exclusive of the article which went to print this week.

Feel free to pick up a copy and tag Baylily Bell tents in the picture if you find us.

Daily Echo

As a business we have decided to have an annual intake of 10 franchisees at a time with our first core business training now planned in for the first week of October with subsequent operational training planned in for the Spring. We have taken this decision to do our training in October to allow any potential franchisees the opportunity to really maximise their bookings for the coming glamping season. From the moment the core business training has been completed our franchisees will have the ability to start taking bookings and taking money!


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