Camping Hacks | Glamping Hacks – Packing your bell tent away for the winter.

Camping Hacks | Glamping Hacks - Packing your bell tent away for the winter.

We wanted to share one of our cheeky camping hacks with you, but firstly, what an amazing summer glamping you hopefully all had. We always judge our summers on how many wet take downs we had and in all fairness, we only had three jobs this year, where we had to dry our gorgeous colourful bell tents as we didn't want to pack them away wet or damp.

It's so important to ensure that your tent is packed away dry and clean, as it can go mouldy all over during its winter hibernation. That's why when I was completing an end of season check on one of our Big Bertha tents, I thought I'd record a quick video to help all of you amazing bell tent owners with what to check out for when packing away.

We wanted to help with a camping hack for you, although yes, it is more of a 'glamping hack'...

As always, any questions at all, please just get in touch with us..

With winter being well and truly here now, thoughts often go to installing wood stoves into bell tents. Now, we don't supply wood stoves in our bell tents, but we have installed them before. That's why we created this video for you all... We hope it helps anyone out there looking to glamp in their bell tent 12 months of the year...

Baylily Bell Tents - Hot to install a wood stove in your bell tent.

Happy glamping  as always,



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